About Us


Meet Cailyn Grace! She founded 3Dgrace when she was 12 years old.

She makes jewelry out of natural hardwoods using a 3D laser cutter. You’ll find that they are lightweight and extremely comfortable. All of the hardware is nickel free and hypo-allergenic.When Cailyn started 6th grade, her parents encouraged her to find an activity outside of school. They suggested sports or a club and instead, she decided to start her own business. Long story short, they ended up investing in a 3D laser cutter. You might ask, how can she run a business and keep up with her schoolwork? 3Dgrace has become a full family effort. Both of Cailyn’s parents are helping with the daily tasks and they are teaching her every aspect of what it takes to run a successful business. Cailyn and her parents are always coming up with new designs and enjoying valuable time learning the design process together.

Cailyn has plans to grow 3Dgrace into a nationally recognized brand and plans to have a few employees as soon as this year. She is very lucky to be surrounded by friends and family that are willing to help out when needed and they will continue to support her dreams no matter how big they get!